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Vinyl floors have been around for about a century.  They used to only come in sheet goods 6' or 12' wide with many patterns and colours.  They are quiet, softer, and warmer on the foot and are easy to clean.  For this reason they are still used in many commercial applications where cleanliness is very important such as senior living homes and hospitals.  The one drawback of vinyl sheet flooring is that in some uses it does tend to rip, gouge, and tear, and patches are noticeable.

In recent years, vinyl flooring has evolved immensely to incorporate better resolution visuals, and textures that emulate real grout lines.  Furthermore, newer vinyl products such as LVT (luxury vinyl tile) and LVP (luxury vinyl plank) have entered the market and have made a great impression. These products have even better feel and look of what they emulate, and come in the click (DIY) and glue down versions.   Some even can be glued down and grouted just like ceramic tile but have a softer and warmer feel than ceramic or porcelain.  The largest benefit of these products is that they can be repaired and patched with another plank/tile and not show where the floor was repaired, and some heavier products can even be reused after a flood.

Whatever your needs are, the Richmond Reflections line is always a great choice for quality, availability, and that great look you will love for years to come.

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